July 2008
PeaceInsight - Wellington College

Running a peace encounter at Wellington School was interesting.
Its a feeder for Sandhurst Royal Military Academy, and the walls celebrated past imperial glories.

We were made to feel very at home, and I particularly enjoyed the grand avenues of Wellingtonias and Monkey Puzzles, which I'd read about before I'd even heard of the college!

As with last year, PeaceInsight brought together 8 Palestinian and 8 Israeli young people.






My fellow facilitators - Cathy, Ibrahim and Tal


This two-week workshop is not easy. Some of the moments I'm proudest of came near the end, with the two groups working, sharing, learning from one another and laughing together.

I'm not sure I'd trust the advice of a man in those shorts, Mr President

a musical evening with Gilad


our very empathic Sahera is imagining too hard

fortunately our own versions of the song were more cheerful