June 2008
little ones at Nakuru National Park

two quick visits to Nakuru in a month were a treat


June is a good time for seeing young animals



colobus are to my eyes the most beautiful monkeys

what are you looking at?

my good friend Eric

this zebra had a torn ear

waterbuck through the greenery

baboon fishing for crisps which tourists had thrown out of their window

wonderfully different plumage on a spurfowl and glossy starling

a truly daunting goalkeeper

young eland


I like the messy blurry chaos of this shot - run away!


checking the shade beneath this little tree was lucky for us



there were more pelicans than flamingo on the lake

but we did see flamingos on my next visit




Kurt and Rachel - my former neighbours






mum, are we nearly there yet...?




drinks by the pool at sunset, and Harpreet between jobs