May 2008
FAFA Kenya - Fashion for Peace

Imane Ayissi of Cameroon and Paris designed the first collection

Anna Adero of Kenya gave us some outfits for men

La Lesso uses traditional East African printed fabrics

KooRoo are also based in Kenya

Paul-Hervé Elisabeth is from Martinique, and now based in Paris

Kwesi Nti's Tribe label from Ghana brought some bright colours into the mix

MooCow have a quirky sense of fun

Palvika Rathod is based in the UK, and uses rescued and recycled fabrics

Bella Matata

John Kaveke

Modela Couture designs from Nigeria were extraordinary

Sally Karago

Pathe'O, based in Abidjan of Cote d'Ivoire, finished the show

Pathe'O helped create Mandela's image with his distinctive shirts

the figures below used to lead to more from each designer on the FAFA website
(I created the original site, but have not been involved since 2009)

Imane Ayissi
Anna Adero
La Lesso
Paul-Herve Elisabeth
Tribe - Kwesi Nti
Palvika Rathod
Bella Matata
John Kaveke
Modela Couture
Sally Karago