May 2008
Fashion for Peace

This fashion show was put together after the post-election violence in Kenya.
Ann McCreath (above holding a 'peace patch' created by displaced women) wanted to do something positive to celebrate diversity and creativity after a time of politically-orchestrated 'ethnic' tensions

(I'm proud one of the initial discussions took place on my back verandah)

it was exciting - and nailbitingly tense - to watch press conferences grow, as the event became more real

some of the core team

pre-judging of local designers

panel discussion at the Goethe Institut on local industry issues

the show itself was held under a huge tent in the Nairobi National Park

everything was being readied backstage

the interviewing stance of the FTV guy made me laugh

Patricia Amira, Kenya's own Oprah, got things started

Dr Ongong'a Ochieng, MD of the Kenya Tourist Board, gave a speech

Ida Odinga was followed by Malesi Kinaro, talking about non-violence work after the post-election crisis

nothing quite matches the eruption of noise and enthusiasm of the Jua Kali Kids

Suzanne Owiyo also sang and played powerfully for us

Yunasi finished the entertainment, playing their own style called Sesube

the tent had filled up and anticipation was building...