June 2007
Rhino Charge!

Runners help find the shortest route between checkpoints (when they can keep up!)

and sometimes the shortest route is straight down a slope - here two runners help balance a steep descent


some of the older Land Cruisers are a little shy, and need some coaxing...

There you go!


this monster tore up the slope

(we struggled to catch up)

but even this mighty Unimog had sustained damage on its way

(and caused some in return, casually uprooting a tree on its way out)


our first glimpse of our team

the small stream near CFC was more scenic than a real challenge to ford

but the climb up to Carousel was more testing

Nish and the Randy Kruza made it look easy



another Unimog appears from the primordial forest

and roars its way down to CFC and Good Year




the straightest route is often directly through the bush

Anton in car 20 used to compete, but arrived too late to start one year

he got stuck into recovering broken-down Chargers instead - which is all he does now





Jeremy and Patrick finally appeared through the bush - but the Kruza didn't follow them

It had broken down after the ninth checkpoint, but they'll be back again next year...

the Rhino Charge machines are pretty impressive - but few things match the power of nature