June 2007
Kericho and Nyahururu

accommodation on a tea estate outside Kericho

I travelled east to Nyahururu, which used to be known as Thomson's Falls

I was in the area to visit a cooperative dairy cooling plant at Ndaragwe


Milk is brought in from the surrounding farmers every morning, often by donkey cart.

This milk is tested for quality and for adulturation.

Once it clears these tests, it is weighed (so each farmer's contribution is recorded for payment), filtered and kept to cool in a vast refrigerated tank.

Milk is collected daily by large tankers for processing.

The dairy has visibly improved incomes in this poor area, thanks in large part to good leadership.

It now needs a clear business plan and some focussed investment to be genuinely sustainable.


in the little town growing up around the dairy there is a project helping handicapped children


the gardens at the falls made for a relaxing morning before my return to Nairobi












being of generous spirit, Joseph Thomson named the falls after... his father