January 2007
Arriving in Oslo

the Akerhus fortress

decorations along Karl Johan street, and one Norweigan Christmas tree that didn't make it to Trafalgar Square

the Nobel Peace Prize Centre

some columns and colours I enjoyed

town hall - looking something between a cathedral and Battersea Power Station!

statue in front of the town hall

random self-portrait, while waiting at a hotel for Andy, Sara and Pat to arrive from Newcastle

we were to travel up from Oslo, by plane and coach, to the centre at Tysfjord

Early the next morning I flew to Bodø, where I pottered around a local museum before the others arrived.

This was a recreation of a Sami dwelling, long-standing inhabitants of the area we were to visit.

On my flight I was reading Wangari Maathai's description of the Kikuyu gichandi. Like a rainstick but made from a gourd, this appears to have been used for storytelling. However the gichandi were collected and systematically destroyed by missionaries, so all knowledge of them faded. Apparently one survives in a Turin museum.

In the Nordland museum they told an identical story about the runebomme - a Sami shamanic drum. Only four now survive, one of which was on exhibition here. I found it very moving to see it, and think of the strikingly parallel injustices from such different parts of the world - from the Equator to the Arctic.

traditional Norweigan chat-up line