visit to Devon - Sept 2006

A walk by Hartland Point
on the north Devon coast


climbing the Point, above the lighthouse - 325 ft up - with Lundy in the distance

picnic in a field

wreck of the Johanna

shipwreck of the Johanna from 1982

seen from the cliffs - a car wreck and distant seal bobbing in the waves



the valley up to Stoke


stopping for a bite to eat


sheep-infested ruin on the cliff, before turning inland past Stoke church


it was the height of blackberry season, which made for delicious distractions along our way

the Berry 911 emergency service - gets you to that fruit just out of reach (with the stick)





don't ask what Ad and Jo were up to


looking back towards the coast, with Lundy on the horizon

this radar installation at Hartland dates from the 60's,
but the station built at Baxworthy Corner in 1939
was part of the the earliest radar cover systems

a talk about the earlier station and WWII
can be found at the Hartland Society

evening and sunset on the moors (the previous evening, but you don't know that)