September 2015
Nisei Memorial

we came across this memorial by accident, near central LA

clearly this was important - but I had no knowledge of this group




Rising to the defence
of their country,
by the thousands they came
these young
Japanese American soldiers
from Hawai'i, the States,
America's concentration camps
to fight in Europe
and the Pacific
during World War II.

Looked upon with suspicion,
set apart
and deprived of
their constitutional rights,
they nevertheless
remained steadfast
and served
with indomitable spirit
and uncommon valour.

For their's was a fight
to prove loyalty.

This legacy will serve as a sobering reminder
that never again shall any group be denied liberty
and the rights of citizenship.


this reminded me of the Vietnam War Memorial, but is far less well known

we headed for the Japanese American Museum nearby, to learn more

the memorial is strangely sited - in a car park!

at least it has some good company


several projects in this area which are painfully relevant

as, yet again, Americans ask what it means to be American