April 2015
London Marathon

I accidentally took 2,000 photos at the London Marathon!

I hadn't planned to go to it until that morning

but was caught up by seeing photos posted by Kenyan friends

after the Garissa vigil, they were happy to celebrate Kenya for something

funniest tweet :
"Disgraceful scenes in London this morning. 1000s of white people chasing after 3 Kenyans."

I dusted off and packed a big lens, and headed out after Quaker Meeting

the leaders had already finished, but I wanted to catch people towards the end of the race

around mile 22, just north of Wapping, I found a promising spot, and started snapping

@mariatyler : haha love this!! I was shattered

a water mister created interesting lighting and reactions from some exhausted runners

some runners looked meditative

some were frozen in time - others looked determined and clearly in motion

others just enjoyed the cooling mist

I started to enjoy myself, seeing such a range of intense emotions on diverse faces

I was only there for an hour and a half, and maybe got a bit carried away, but couldn't really stop

I now have about 2,000 images, of which maybe a thousand are surprisingly good!
This creates a really strange problem though...

These are pictures are of people I don't know - and generally I have little way to identify them
- I didn't plan this at all, or think of taking photos of the shirts or runner numbers!

I'd love to get some of these strangely powerful and inspiring images to them.
I tweeted and e-mailed several to individuals and larger charities, but that is only a handful.

Macmillan Cancer Support

NSPCC - National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

Whizz-Kidz - disabled childrens charity

Can any of you help me?