January 2012
making our rings

Asking Heidi to marry me, while we were in India last year, was not planned in advance.
It was only later the same day that we realised we needed an engagement ring!

Simply buying a ring wouldn't have been very meaningful to either of us.

Luckily a good friend of ours makes beautiful jewelery,
and agreed to give me some guidance on designing and making our own.

Cecila Leete helped us modify one of her beautiful designs.

We sketched some initial ideas, then I carved a jewelers' wax blank with a motley array of equipment.

It took some time and experimentation to get a shape we both really liked.

The wax blanks, including two simple bands for our wedding bands, were then sent for casting.

This transformation is simply magical. I was amazed at the heft and solidity of the metal versions.

These needed finishing : cutting away the sprues from casting, filing and polishing.

Finally we found a suitable emerald cut stone for the engagement ring, which was set and plated.