June 2011
Meru day 2



we'd seen this old guy the previous day around the camp - he'd died in the night

the lions - who were clearly around - didn't seem too interested

Verreaux's eagle-owl

this lioness had a radio-collar fitted for a research project which collapsed years ago, and it wasn't removed

Meru is fairly low, and had a nice combination of baobabs and doum palms


this was our first time seeing African orange-bellied parrots





one always runs, while the other stands his ground


a beautiful pair of chestnut-bellied sandgrouse





even hippo can be shy...




elusive kudu

another first - rosy-patched bush shrikes

we saw many herds of emaciated cattle in the park

they weren't meant to be there, but with the drought, park wardens weren't chasing them out





the many streams added to the wide variety of birds, like this hamerkop

Goliath heron

the rarest spot of the day - a glimpse of an African finfoot

Paul was one of the best guides we've ever had