May 2010
Olorgesailie and Lake Magadi

the Ngong Hills were green after all the rain

Mount Oligorsailie is a key site showing a million years of early human tool usage
some of the earliest 'silicon chips' can be found here!

Clifford was my guide, here in front of Ol Esakut

this used to be the site of a rich freshwater lake, like current day Nakuru
later uplift led to the lake drying out; erosion unearthed bones and thousands of tools

(this walkway reminded me of a scene in Riven)

the actual sites weren't much to look at, but the museum has useful displays, and the area was full of birdsong

staring into deep time is a little unnerving, but something I love about Kenya

the landscapes are also often spectacular and unexpected

I gave lifts to several Maasai on the way south - although some were very confused about car door handles
The recent rain has been good for livestock, a welcome relief after the drought last year

The Maasai are relatively recent migrants to Kenya, but its hard to imagine them not being here

Lake Magadi itself is extremely salty, because of hot springs around its shorelines

I've been intrigued by this place since seeing vast trains bearing the name 'Magadi Soda' on my journey north from South Africa in 2004, when I finally reached Kenya. Now I can visualise where they came from.

This seemingly isolated place is not what it seems - Tata India took over the Magadi Soda Factory in late 2005

Moses, returning to school in Magadi from his rural home, was my companion and guide

well, what were you expecting?

the skies and abundant water made for stunning reflections


the most beautiful photo I'll ever take of a very large dirty, dusty, smelly factory