March 2010
springtime wanderings

I was back at Magdalen for a gaudy, and to catch up with friends

as I last left England, thick snowflakes had just started drifting down

now the seasons were turning again

winter was finally loosening its grip around Addisons







we scattered my grandfather's ashes in this peaceful place years earlier - I'm always glad to return

after Oxford I visited Adam and Jo in Devon, spending time with their lovely young son, Rohan

back at Hartland Point, in time for a rare burst of sunshine

Adam was preparing to stand for election to parliament for the Liberal Democrats

It was interesting discussing prospects, just before the television debates set the contest alight

days after I left his campaign HQ, the date for the general election was announced

the Lib Dems eventually took the plunge into a risky coalition with the Conservatives

fingers crossed for silver linings...


it was fun and a little nostalgic to do a last road trip in my old car

no - not that old car, silly...

... but while on the subject of historic events, Spurs beat Arsenal!