October 2008
hiking under Mount Kenya

These were actually relatively good conditions, given the normal state of this track from Chogoria!


thanks to our great team, we made it in time for a short evening hike

I've read about this area, but it was still more amazing and magical than I was prepared for


we saw a solitary elephant in the far distance, which then melted back into the forest


the next morning, we headed out for a long hike with the mountain briefly visible in the distance


I was tickled to find protea growing on the slopes - old friends from South Africa





a spot of lunch by the lake




we hiked to a waterfall, but the smaller ones we saw on the way were no preparation...

... for this amazing sight

either from above or below




a pair of bushbuck as we ended our wonderful hike

the following morning, I went for a slower potter around





our faithful companion