September 2007
a workshop in Battlesbridge

I've been told off for not taking more photos of tropical Essex, so ladies and gentlemen - I give you... Battlesbridge!






from the blue sign above the door:

CROMWELL HOUSE was built about 1860 and is an early example of concrete construction. In 1884 it was let to G.J.Blanks Esq, a Grocer and Draper, at a rent of £40 a year. Here was sold everything from corsets and candles to sealing wax and string. It remained in the name of Blanks until it was purchased by the Gallie family in 1968 when it quickly became the heart of what is now the largest antiques centre in Essex.


I was here to facilitate an AVP non-violence training workshop at the local nick, HMP Bullwood Hall.

It was only local in the sense that I once lived in this area. All the inmates were foreign nationals, because of the nature of this particular prison. This made the workshop very diverse, interesting, and powerful. Some remarkable people.