May 2007
Sweetwaters Safari Lodge

Some family were in Kenya for Vishal's wedding,
and we took a short break afterwards near Mount Kenya.

our first sighting, on our way to the lodge - not a bad start

well, how did you think they kept their ear's clean?



wasp gall on acacia

Sweetwaters has lovely grounds, with a view of a watering hole and Mount Kenya as the backdrop

fantastic flight paths - bugs attracted to the floodlights at night


an unusual guest waits patiently for breakfast

Marabou stork

(I wonder if Marabou stork chicks are cute?)


river bordered by fever trees

Jane Goodall has a chimp rescue project within the park, with two groups separated by the river

most of the chimps are orphans, rescued from the bushmeat trade or other forms of exploitation

everything itches!


wild baboons

(well, some were feeling more wild than others)

cracked drying soil

rhino have surprisingly thin skins

and beautifully patterned horns, if you ever get a close enough look

Morani, a hand-reared black rhino with my uncle
we tried to wake him, but he was feeling very dozy indeed

(and you really don't argue with someone that size!)

cavorting impala

traffic-jam of giraffes (usually so polite, but this sparked some mischevious tongue-poking)

far too cute (x2)

buffalos munching

waterbuck sizing one another up


our tents had views of Mount Kenya - the summit usually shrouded in clouds