Gauri and Rohan - preparations

a few days before the wedding, a ceremony called the jap clears impediments from the couple's path

incense and prayers

Bapuji checks the paper in case we've missed anything

Late one night, several of us stayed up late decorating a room in preparation for more ceremonies.

Kakas and faibas were imported, installed and affixed to their relevant positions.

Director of Operations Arav sits back, mentally checking over the plans one last time...

Archana's close-up

detailed patterns of mehndi (henna) were applied to the womens' hands and feet

the skilled process of applying mehndi continues apace - while both people are on their phones

Incredible India indeed!

the bride's mehndi is the most elaborate of all

as this takes a while to dry, it was time for some hand-feeding

waiting for the groom's party to arrive for ceremonies two days before the wedding

marks such as the graffiti on this gate show members of Mumbai's hijra community of eunuchs that one of them has already collected money for the auspicious occassion in question (which they unfailingly know about)

Rohan's mother with Gauri's grandfather

time to put Gauri on that bajot again!