Gauri and Rohan's wedding

the quiet before the storm, with Gautam looking misleadingly innocent
(always check his sleeves)

Reena, Punkti, and our young modern maharaj, primed for action
(or a quick getaway)

mamas from overseas - Gauri's wedding is the first time my mum's family have gathered together for years

A distant roar becomes dimly audible - and slowly grows in volume, intensity and lunacy...

No, its not the fighting Uruk-hai. Rohan has arrived - and he's brought a brass band.

the groom's party arrive in phenomenal style

Rohan's friends dancing, but not to be outdone, the bride's party arrange...

(I did warn you to check his sleeves...)

the groom's party meets the bride's
in a cacophany of noise and mayhem

looking more like a good-natured riot
its time to get this party started




finally, a glimpse of the hero

Traditionally, the bride and groom would barely see or know each other before their wedding.

My paternal grandmother overheard she was getting married the next day to someone she'd not met,
while Gauri's paternal grandparents were pledged to each other while still in their respective wombs.

Things have changed, and in our family at least things are no longer so Jane Austen.
Rohan and Gauri met at college, have known each other for years, and are marrying by choice.

Its been a treat getting to know Rohan before the wedding, as we had a chance to spend time together before the engagement, and he's been working in London so we've been seeing him here too.

Little Arav, Gauri's young cousin, said he'd come from London to attend Rohan's wedding - not Gauri's!

gautam bharti neel rohan uncle clarinet priya anila archana