October 2005
a fantastic day in Galicia, Spain

Visiting my friends Andy and Sarah, we had the most wonderful day exploring the west coast of Spain.


an ancient celtic settlement on the coast


these extraordinary walls reminded me of Khami and Great Zimbabwe

as the sun kept breaking through the clouds, the light changed over the bay

walking along the beach

finding flotsam and jetsam thrown up by the waves

sea anenome in a rock pool


we spotted something happening out in the surf, so settled down to watch

this was an unexpected surprise


finally, the sun came out

next stop was lunch, followed by a medieval stone bridge

Andy showing some respect to a stone age dolmen

(he is a strange lad, that one)


we ended our day at some sand dunes


making patterns in the sand

fishermen on the shore

the boardwalks lie in gentle curves, moving with the dunes and sometimes buried under drifting sand